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Tweet Ambassador Pierce and Minister Burt

Tell Ambassador Pierce, the UK's ambassador to the UN, and Minister Burt, Minister of State for the Middle East, that you want to see UK action on Yemen. Here are some tweets to get you started:

  1. After 3rd year of conflict 3.4 million more Yemenis need aid. Yemen can't afford a 4th yr. As #penholder on #Yemen, UK action on the Security Council for ceasefire is urgent and necessary @AlistairBurtUK @karenpierce22 #YemenCantWait @unauk
  2. Three years of conflict in Yemen. As @UN Security Council lead on Yemen, the UK must call for a resolution for peace with no preconditions and encourage Saudi Arabia to adhere to it @karenpierce22 @AlistairBurtUK @unauk #YemenCantWait
  3. In Yemen there are 13 new civilian casualties per day, the majority caused by Saudi-led airstrikes. The UK must stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia and call for Security Council action for peace @AlistairBurtUK @karenpierce22 #YemenCantWait @unauk
  4. A child dies every 10 mins in Yemen. The UK must use its close relationship with Saudi Arabia to urge them to support a ceasefire & enter into peace talks without preconditions @AlistairBurtUK @karenpierce22 #YemenCantWait @unauk

Make a short video and Tweet it: 

  1. Make a short video on why we need UK action on Yemen. Use your phone or laptop to film a short video (20 seconds or so) on why the UK must act now. You can use our humanitarian briefing and our 'key asks' in the blue box below to help you. Or you can simply read out one of the tweets above. 
  2. Tweet it. Remember to tweet @karenpierce22, @AlistairBurtUK and @unauk and use the hashtag #YemenCantWait
  3. Send it to us. If you don't have Twitter or Facebook, send your video to us at or message us via Facebook and we will post it for you!

Here's a reminder of what we're calling for: 

  • Security Council action for ceasefire and peace process with no preconditions - As Council lead on Yemen, the UK should urgently table a new resolution calling for all parties to the Yemen conflict to immediately implement a ceasefire and enter into peace talks without preconditions
  • Bilateral efforts with Saudi Arabia for peace - UK should use its close relationship with Saudi Arabia to urge them to support a ceasefire, enter into peace talks without preconditions and refrain from any actions which may restrict humanitarian or commercial supplies to Yemen
  • Suspension of arms sales to Saudi Arabia - The UK should not be arming any of the parties to this conflict, all of whom are responsible for “widespread violations of IHL” according to the UN. The UK should immediately suspend arms exports to Saudi Arabia and push for an independent international inquiry into violations by all parties to the conflict.