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Tweet Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt

Tell Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, that you want to see UK action on Yemen. Here are some tweets to get you started:

  1. After 4th year of conflict, 24 million Yemenis need aid. Yemen can't afford a 5th yr. As #penholder on #Yemen, UK support on the Security Council for ceasefire is urgent and necessary @Jeremy_Hunt #YemenCantWait @unauk
  2. Four years of conflict in Yemen. As @UN Security Council lead on Yemen, the UK must urge commitment to ceasefire and encourage Saudi Arabia to adhere to it @Jeremy_Hunt @unauk #YemenCantWait
  3. In Yemen there are 13 new civilian casualties per day, the majority caused by Saudi-led airstrikes. The UK must stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia and call for Security Council action for peace @Jeremy_Hunt #YemenCantWait @unauk
  4. A child dies every 10 mins in Yemen. The UK must use its close relationship with Saudi Arabia to urge them to maintain a ceasefire & continue peace talks without preconditions @Jeremy_Hunt #YemenCantWait @unauk

Make a Statement and Tweet it: 

  1. Make a statement on why we need UK action on Yemen. Tweet a photo of yourself, holding this template placard, explaining to the Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt why you think #YemenCantWait and why the UK must act now. You can use our humanitarian briefing and our 'key asks' in the blue box below to guide you. 
  2. Tweet it. Remember to tweet @Jeremy_Hunt and @unauk and use the hashtag #YemenCantWait
  3. Send it to us. If you don't have Twitter or Facebook, send your photo to us at or message us via Facebook and we will post it for you!

Here's a reminder of what we're calling for: 

  • Put the upmost diplomatic and public pressure on the Saudis and Emiratis to agree to ceasefire talks covering the entire country, and to join peace negotiations leading to a lasting political settlement.  To ensure peace talks are inclusive and include Yemeni women, youth and civil society.

  • Suspend UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates whilst their remains a clear risk that these will be used to commit serious violations of international humanitarian law.

  • Work unceasingly with the various actors to ensure aid agencies have the fullest possible access to all regions of the country especially Hudaydah, Sanna and Taiz.

  • Work unceasingly with the Saudis to ensure that both aid agencies and journalists have full access to Sanna International Airport.

  • Put the upmost diplomatic and public pressure on the Saudis to:

    • inject money into Yemen’s central bank so tens of thousands of public sector workers, including those in Houthi-controlled areas, can be paid

    • allow more commercial imports of food, fuel, cooking oil, medical supplies and other essential items to enter Hudaydah and Salif ports,

    • stop blocking imports of containers into Hudaydah that contain essential goods such as milk powder, medical supplies, cooking oil, cleaning agents etc.

    • persuade the Yemini Government:

      • to issue ‘letters of credit’ to commercial importers of food and to facilitate this by using the promised $2b Saudi loan to ensure that both northern and southern branches of the Central Bank are adequately financed,

      • immediately facilitate the onward road transfer of the very large number of containers ‘stuck’ in the port of Aden

  • ​Pursue accountability for all violations of international humanitarian law throughout the conflict.

  • To demand that the Saudis stop bombing populated areas