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Keeping Britain Global

For many of us, today’s world is open and accessible. It provides opportunities – to travel, learn, engage, work and consume – physically and through our screens. Improvements in communications technology means that the world today seems smaller than ever before.

For better and for worse they have also made us more dependent on others: the things we care about increasingly have a global dimension. Climate change, conflicts, financial instability, pandemics, extremism – what happens in other countries matters to our own lives.

The national response must be to look outwards, not inwards. Now, more than ever, the British national interest and the UN's vision of a peaceful and more just world are one and the same. 

UNA-UK believes Britain needs to invest in international institutions. We should support what the Government calls the “rules-based international order”: the international rules, laws, norms and the institutions the international community has designed to uphold them. It is a global system with the UN at its heart. But just as the United Kingdom depends on this system to meet the challenges of the 21st century, the system itself depends on the support of the UK and others if is to be sustained.  

Our campaign, 'Keeping Britain Global', makes the case that Britain needs to champion global values, and invest in the health of our international system. Through this campaign, we will highlight practical recommendations for government action that support the vision of a global Britain that shows leadership on the world stage.

Our evaluation of the UK’s performance will be based on those areas where we believe the UK can make a useful contribution at a global level, and where we feel Britain’s willingness to take action will provide a fair and appropriate test of Britain’s support for the rules-based international order.

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