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Keeping Britain Global

The UK should show greater leadership on the world stage in order to fulfil its own objectives; upholding international laws and norms is in the UK's national interest.

Published by the Government in November 2015, the National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review (NSS/SDSR) sets out Britain’s approach to peace and security issues through till 2020. 

UNA-UK has welcomed the NSS/SDSR in its broadening of the UK’s national security approach and is pleased that the document recognises the extent to which the UK's security depends on global solutions to cross-border challenges. However, UNA-UK has also made a number of recommendations for strengthening the document, including placing more emphasis on the UK's own conduct in protecting universal values at home and abroad.

Since launching the NSS/SDSR, from human rights to disarmament and arms control, there is growing concern that the UK's foreign policy actions are not living up to the rhetoric that the UK Government itself places such value on.