You are here: UNA-UK launches 2018/19 Global Britain Scorecard

4 October 2018

Our Prime Minister frequently talks of a ‘Global Britain’ vision in which the UK plays “a leading role on the world stage”.  Last month she told the General Assembly: "we need action" to support multilateralism and organisations like the United Nations that enable it.

So do we practise what we preach?

Our 2018 Global Britain Scorecard uses impartial sources to examine the UK’s performance across a sample of policy areas which contain opportunities for stronger UK action. We believe the Scorecard represents a bellwether for the extent to which Britain is playing a positive role. 

On issues such as sustainable development, peacekeeping and gender equality, the UK was marked GREEN to reflect the positive contribution it is making internationally. Arms control and nuclear disarmament, were marked RED, as the UK’s conduct is contributing to the undermining of international laws and norms.  

The UK was AMBER for atrocity prevention, human rights and climate change, where its record is mixed. In all three, there are clear opportunities for the UK to do more. The clock is ticking, and the Government should act quickly to ensure they are not squandered.

How would YOU rate the Government? Use our interactive scorecard to submit your own verdict on the UK's actions - we will deliver the results to Theresa May.

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