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24 October 2019

Today – UN Day – marks 74 years since the birth of the United Nations. Founded in the aftermath of the deadliest conflict in human history, it is an opportunity to recognise the immense contribution the organisation and its staff have made to improve peace, human rights and friendly relations between nations.

But today doesn’t feel like a birthday celebration. The climate and environmental crisisrising levels of conflict and emerging tech present challenges of unprecedented magnitude, requiring solutions and cooperation which mirror the scale of the problems.

With a year to go until the 75th anniversary (UN75) world summit, the UN is launching the world’s "biggest-ever global conversation" on the role of global cooperation in building the future we want and how the UN will have to adapt to bring this future about.

UNA-UK’s contribution to support the initiative and ensure the results are implemented is Together First – our joint campaign to make the best ideas for global governance a reality. With our rapidly growing global network, we will host UN75 dialogues to bring new voices into the mix. Throughout 2020, Together First will be campaigning for leaders to take forward the most promising ideas.

At a national level UNA-UK will work with its nationwide support-base to demand the UK does more to support this agenda, and global cooperation more broadly.

We want all our supporters to join the initiative and share their ideas, starting with this UN75 social media action:

Take action! 

Record a short video for social media, either asking a young family member or friend “What Three Things Can Save the World?". Remember to tag @TogetherFirst and include the following hashtags #UN75 #ShapingOurFuture to ensure it is picked up by the UN team collating the results.

If you haven't got a camera to hand, please show your support by sharing this inspiring launch video on your social media platform and ask your friends, partners and networks to start making plans.

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