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24 September 2018

Part of our regular series of background briefings on the UN in the news.

Update: see our response to the Prime Minister's speech.

UN member states gather in New York today for the start of the highest profile week of the General Assemby. Find out more with our detailed guide below:

Six things the UNGA will discuss:

  1. 1. A recommitment of values and a renewal of our international system – an opportunity for Global Britain?
  2. 2. Finances and funding – running out of cash
  3. 3. Atrocity prevention – still failing
  4. 4. UN reform – some progress
  5. 5. Action for Peacekeeping – progress on addressing poor performance
  6. 6. Nuclear security – a global threat

Would you like to print it out? The entire guide is available here in PDF form.

Photo: #UNGA UN Photos