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10 December 2012

The Chairs of a coalition of All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) that focus on international development have written to Prime Minister David Cameron in his capacity as Co-Chair of the UN High Level Panel on post-Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In their letter, the APPGs offer their full support for the Prime Minister’s endeavours to create a post-2015 development agenda whilst outlining their priorities for the new post-MDGs framework.

The APPGs are of the view that all continuing work on the subject be consolidated to “ensure a single, coordinated, transparent process towards the creation of a new global framework for development.” They also urged the Prime Minister to consider all parliamentarians as “key stakeholders” and to make efforts to ensure the involvement of “marginalised and vulnerable communities" in the post-2015 process.

The APPGs further suggested that any post-2015 MDG framework be “clearly-defined, transparent and responsive to specific country needs” and requested that Parliament is kept up to date with progress on the work of the High Level Panel.

Reply from Prime Minister David Cameron

In his reply to the letter of the APPGs, the Prime Minister states that many of the APPG priorities were discussed at the first meeting of the High Level Panel on the post-2015 MDGs. The Prime Minister also confirms that the Panel process will be “as inclusive as possible.” Marginalised groups in developing states will be involved in the process by way of initiatives such as ‘Participate’ undertaken by grassroots organisations.

The Prime Minister further encouraged the APPGs to provide their inputs on the post-2015 agenda through the International Development Select Committee inquiry process.

Click here to read the letter sent by the APPGs on International Development to Prime Minister David Cameron

Click here to read the response from Prime Minister David Cameron  

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