You are here: Kofi Annan - how did he inspire you?

Kofi Annan's work and words have inspired thousands of people across the globe.

The former UN Human Rights Commissioner Zeid Ra'ad al Hussein described him as "humanity's best example, the epitome, of human decency and grace".

Were you inspired by something Mr Annan did during his time in charge of the UN - arguable one of the world's toughest diplomatic jobs? Or was it during his late career where he sought to resolve some of the biggest crises of the 21st Century, including the Syrian civil war? 

We're collecting comments from those who remember Mr Annan. Tell us in 50 words how you've been inspired and your quote may be featured on the day of the event. 

(If you'd like to hear from those who were inspired by Annan, we've collected a number of tributes from those who knew him best)

Was there something in particular that he did that inspired you? Did you get the chance to meet him in person?
We're collecting comments from those remembering Kofi Annan and those who were inspired by his work. UNA-UK may choose to feature your quote on a presentation as part of the event. Please do tell us whether you are happy for us to in the box below.