You are here: The Green Party's priorities for the United Nations

UNA-UK has written to all major UK political parties and asked: what would your Party’s priorities be at the UN and how will you inspire the UK electorate on this agenda?

By shedding light on the approaches taken by different parties we hope to contribute to an informed national conversation on foreign policy, and help raise awareness of the ways in which the international system delivers benefits to British citizens.

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The Green Party's priorities at the UN and how they will inspire the UK electorate on this agenda:

"Prevention of human rights abuses, conflict prevention and resolution, promotion of sustainable human development, coordination of humanitarian aid, global environmental research and agreements on the conservation and rational use of the planet should be the primary roles of the UN.

The international community cannot stand back and allow gross human rights abuses to take place. The emergent 'Responsibility to Protect' doctrine promises to legitimise UN intervention in cases of ethnic cleansing and genocide. However, military intervention should always be a last resort, as modern wars inevitably cause death and injury to civilians, and the post conflict situation may be problematic. Therefore, the Green Party will press for the use of a United Nations Index of Human Rights to monitor governments that commit human rights abuses and to provide an explicit basis for seeking to restrain such regimes."