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Event Date

10 July 2019 6:30pm - 9:30pm


The Feathers
18-20 Broadway
London SW1H 0BH
United Kingdom

What’s the plan? Help us devise events and initiatives to mark the 75th anniversary of the United Nations next year, help persuade people to support and join us, make things happen for the common good.

Why you? Why us? We are the generations who witnessed the birth of the United Nations and who will witness it reach 100. We’ve made history, let’s make more!

What will happen? Join us for drink and food to discuss the ideas WE have and the ideas YOU have, the do-able and the not quite yet do-able and then keeping everybody in the loop.

Limited space.

What else? Can you help us organise The Mandela Mile on Thursday 18 July, Mandela Day, marking the Centenary+1 of Nelson Mandela’s birth, linked also to the late Kofi Annan. The Mandela Mile #forKofi stretches from Nelson Mandela’s statue in Parliament Square, through Trafalgar Square to the South Bank Centre where his bust looks out from the Royal Festival Hall. Started by us last year, the Mandela Mile has caught on worldwide and many cities are planning to stage their own Mandela Mile with TV link-up throughout the day. 

"Meet the Ambassador" Foreign ambassadors tell us about their country and then answer our questions, all followed by a networking session in a local pub.

And you can join our Westminster Young Professionals group. It's free.

Here’s who we really need. Might be you!

Social Media coordinators

Event planning

Film Festival submissions assessors

Universities and Schools liaison

Sponsorship & fund-raising advisers


Young Professionals team members (20-40)

Environment & Climate Change enthusiasts

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0207 385 6738