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The Eastbourne local UNA serves to engage the local community with the aspirations and achievements of the United Nations through regular meetings and events. Over the years the local UNA's energy has often reflected the changing priorities of the UN and for this reason today our local UNA is particularly focused on the issues surrounding security (in all its manifestations) in the context of climate change. Since 2003 our local UNA has developed strong links with Uganda and the UNAU, and during that time we have supported numerous development projects. Such links are vital for us to understand the immense challenges facing developing countries and for us to know our responsibilities for mutual international support. An important scheme our local UNA has initiated is the UNA Eastbourne-Uganda Carbon Offset Scheme, which confers great benefits to communities in eastern Uganda and a the same time allows us to meet our UK responsibilities to offset our own CO2 emissions.

We have an active youth involvement in our local UNA with FE/Sixth Form and school representatives. Many of the students are local members only but we encourage them to join the national UNA to enjoy all the benefits of membership. Many students have been enriched by participation in UNA National Conferences and from the opportunities our local UNA offers students to travel to Uganda.

Meetings are held regularly during academic terms, usually lunch-time mid-week at Sussex Downs College, Eastbourne. Members of the public are welcome to all our talks.

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