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General Election 2017

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Despite the momentous task ahead for the UK’s next government - to shape Britain's role with Europe and the world - the election is largely being fought on narrow and highly politicised domestic issues, with foreign policy discussed primarily as a vehicle to further Britain's short-term interests.

UNA-UK has released a short, sharp ‘manifesto’ to serve as a clarion call for putting foreign policy at the centre of this election, and the UN at the heart of foreign policy. Our manifesto is backed up by a policy report entitled 'Keeping Britain Global', which argues that now, more than ever, Britain’s national interest and the UN Charter’s vision of a peaceful and more just world are one and the same. 

We need your support to get this message to political parties, and to bring international issues to the fore.

Now is the time for everybody who believes they are a global citizen to stand up and be counted. 

General Election Packs  

Download UNA-UK's 2017 General Election Pack (Word)

Download UNA-UK's 2017 General Election Pack (PDF)

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