You are here: Taking your local advocacy work to the next level

Whether you've lobbied your MP or run an event to raise awareness of the situation in Yemen, we want to know what you've done. Getting this kind of feedback from our supporters is crucial for follow-up and helps us shape future campaigns. If you haven't done so already, share your views online with your network on social media. 

There's also an opportunity for you to connect with a volunteer-led group of campaigners who are interested in sharing ideas and sustaining pressure on this issue in their communities.

We're connecting passionate activists who want to share their ideas, organise events and campaign hard on this issue. This is a community-led initiative. If you select yes, we'll put you in touch with UNA-UK's volunteer community champion, Paul Tippell, and other activists who will support you in taking action. Paul is a UNA-UK member who has spent a number of years coordinating a network of local groups to raise awareness of humanitarian issues and the impact of the arms trade. He has launched a number of initiatives to lobby MPs.