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What does Britain stand for?

Tell us at #StandFor

Britain benefits when countries work together. 

Global cooperation brings peace, lifts people out of poverty and helps build the kind of world we all want to live in. Not just in distant lands, but right here, in the UK. 

But our long, proud history of international friendship, trade and aid is in imminent danger. More and more, we are looking inwards, trying to solve our problems by severing ties and going it alone.

There’s never been a time to more urgently re-engage people in Britain with the importance of international cooperation and organisations like the United Nations. Not just because they are the only way to ensure our prosperity and security, but because we ourselves can be a force for good on the world stage. 

Will you join us by getting involved in our campaign? 

Step 1 - Be part of our campaign by telling us what you stand for.

We’re starting the conversation by asking one simple question: What do you stand for? Your answer could be anything - a value, an idea, a person or an object. Click here to make your voice heard and find out what people are saying.

Step 2 - Get more involved 
Anyone can get involved in this campaign. 


Spread the word on social media
Tweet what you stand for using #StandFor. For more impact, print out and complete one of our campaign cards, take a photo and tweet. Mention @UNAUK and we might just retweet you!

Come to our conference
We will be discussing this topic at our conference in May. Make sure you’re there to be equipped with the resources and training you need to take this message back to where you live. To book your place, click here.

Support our work
UNA-UK relies on support from individuals like you. We are not financed by the UN, nor receive funding from corporate sponsors or the Government. It is people like you who support our work and influence change. You can make a difference and be part of our growing supporter base by joining as a member here.

Form a local UNA
There are around 100 local UNAs across the country, connecting their own communities with the work and values of the UN. Keen to form a group? It’s easy! Click here to find out more details. Apply to form a local UNA here.

Local UNAs

Extend your reach
Our local groups are already holding events that get people telling us what they stand for and recruiting new supporters. To get your local UNA involved, email and we’ll send you what you need to get started.

Hold an event with our support 
Can we help you engage with your community? There are a limited number of ‘outreach grants’ available. Apply for an outreach grant here. You will also have the opportunity to request a UNA-UK speaker, subject to availability. 

Raise money for our work
We need the help of all of our supporters to continue to support the work of the UN and engage a new generation of activists. Local UNAs can help us by making the case in their own communities. Email to request donation cards and reply envelopes and links to online fundraising resources.