You are here: UN APPG member Lord Judd questions government on drones

10 February 2013

On 7 February UN APPG member Lord Judd questioned the UK government on its use of drones.  Asked in the House of Lords, his question focussed on the bilateral and multilateral discussions the UK government is having on regulating the use of drones.

In the short debate that followed, a number of concerns were raised, including the:

  • Lack of transparency surrounding drone operations,
  • Need for investigation into the risks posed to civilians, and
  • Use of drones by Britain's allies in regions not recognised by the UN as being in conflict.

The debate also referred to the investigative unit led by Ben Emmerson, UN Special Rapporteur on counter-terrorism and human rights, probing the legality of drone attacks that have resulted in civilian casualties.

Click here for the briefing that UNA-UK produced on behalf of the UN APPG for this debate.