You are here: Never again? UNA-UK publishes guide to R2P

22 April 2015

To mark the 10th anniversary of the international agreement on the Responsibility to Protect (R2P), UNA-UK has published a guide to inform the public about this important principle.

After the Holocaust, the international community vowed "never again". 70 years since the liberation of the concentration camps, people are still being massacred because of their identity or beliefs, from Iraq to South Sudan. Genocide, war crimes, mass rape - these crimes against humanity diminish us all. They are intrinsically unacceptable and the fall-out from such atrocities can threaten our own security. We cannot afford to say that these crimes do not concern us. 

The extent to which UK citizens’ lives are affected by global issues is increasing, yet policy makers are relegating foreign policy issues to the bottom of the agenda, denying the electorate with the opportunity to make an informed decisions. UNA-UK aims to stimulate and improve the quality of debate on issues like atrocity prevention, in order to equip to the public to hold decision makers to account. 

Read UNA-UK’s manifesto here.

The R2P guide contains information about the international community's efforts to prevent atrocity crimes and the UK's contribution to them. It also suggests ways for you to get involved with UNA-UK initiatives to support the R2P principle and the prevention of atrocity crimes.

You can download the guide below.