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24 October 2017

The UN was born 72 years ago today in the wake of the devastating Second World War. Its fundamental purpose was to avoid another descent into total war. This purpose still holds true in 2017. 

But leaders are forgetting the lessons of two world wars and ignoring the principles of international cooperation. 

We want to make October 24, UN Day, an occasion for politicians, school children, journalists and the public at large to THINK BIG and consider why we need the UN.

This UN Day, we have a very simple ask: do something to show your support for international cooperation. It could be sending a Happy #UNDay tweet, telling your MP to support UNA-UK’s work, buying a UN Charter poster, sharing this webpage with friends or something else.

Tell us what you did

Whether you are a politician, or a school teacher, we look forward to hearing what you did for UN Day.

Image: UN headquarters in New York. Credit UN Photo