You are here: Details released for UNA-UK's 'Global Britain' conference

28 June 2018

This July, UNA-UK members and supporters from across the country will come together for UNA-UK's 'Global Britain' conference. It will be a chance for participants to exchange ideas on how to urge the UK to live up to its 'Global Britain' promise and get equipped to take action in their own community.  

It doesn't stop there. Once conference doors close, UNA-UK will work alongside participants to help them take forward their ideas in their local communities. 

What can attendees expect on the day? Laurel has answered some of our members’ most frequently asked questions below.

When, where and how much?
10am-5pm on Saturday 7 July at NCVO near King’s Cross station in London. We’ve set the price as low as possible, £40, and it includes lunch. There are a handful of student tickets available for half price. Come along at 10am for a coffee or tea before we kick off at 10.30am.

Who is coming, and why?
Participation will be diverse with members and supporters coming from all corners of the UK. Some will be stalwart campaigners but for many, it will be their first conference. Everyone will be serious about one thing: bringing the values of the United Nations to their own community.

So what’s the big campaign about?
‘Keeping Britain Global’ is one of UNA-UK’s major campaigns. It’s all about holding our leaders to account for the international commitments they have made. After Britain decided to leave the EU, Theresa May promised a “bold”, “new” and “positive” global role for the UK. So is the UK's 'Global Britain' slogan backed by substance?

From UN peacekeeping to nuclear disarmament, UNA-UK has identified key areas where the UK has the opportunity to show leadership and invest in the international order. For the conference, we've carefully hand-picked eight areas of our work that fall within our broad 'Keeping Britain Global' campaign framework, and that we have the resources and expertise to support. The challenge now is to make our voice heard at a community level. Attendees have already told us what areas of the campaign interest them the most. So we'll be asking them to hone in on one of them in groups and come up with a campaign action to take their ideas forward.

What will happen on the day?
UNA-UK's 'Global Britain' conference will be about meeting new people, exchanging ideas, and working together to come up with a concrete campaign action. In the morning, attendees will get the chance to hear first-hand advice from Jeremy Gilley, Founder of Peace One Day, on how to make change happen and then get acquainted with what UNA-UK's seasoned activists are doing on the ground.

Whether it's atrocity prevention or climate change, participants with then put their heads together to come up with one campaign action to take home. View the programme here

What happens after Conference?
Feel free to head to a local establishment first but it does not end there! UNA-UK will follow up with each group with resources and the support they need to turn their hand-crafted campaign action into reality