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An important part of our work

Organisations are an important part of UNA-UK’s membership.  They often work closely with local UNAs and with their own members to promote and engage people with the work and values of the United Nations. 

Among our organisational members are: local and national campaigning groups; churches and religious meetings; trade unions; and local authorities.


Organisational membership opens the door to interaction with UNA-UK and its local branches.

We will also keep you informed of our activities and how your members can get involved through UNA-UK's magazine delivered to your door and regular update emails.


We expect our organisational members to take an active interest in the United Nations and the work of UNA-UK.  We ask every group to select a representative that can disseminate information and engage others in the organisation with our activities.

We also expect member organisations to uphold the values of the United Nations and in no way damage UNA-UK’s reputation.  UNA-UK will review the affiliation of any organisation that fails to uphold the UN’s values or damages our reputation.

Organisations wishing to apply for affiliation must be based in the UK. 


Annual fees for organisational members are based on a sliding scale according to how many members and supporters the organisation itself has:

  • Fewer than 2,500 members - £30
  • 2,500 – 5,000 members - £75
  • 5,001 – 7,500 members - £120
  • Over 7,500 members - £150

The definition of members and supporters will vary from organisation to organisation and could be counted as the number of people that regularly come to meetings or are on your membership register.

Application process

All applications for organisational membership are presented to UNA-UK’s Board of Trustees which meets several times a year.  Any group interested in joining should contact Anneka Patel, Outreach & Campaigns Assistant, on with details of the organisation along with why they wish to become members.

Alternative ways of engaging

We welcome the growing sense of social responsibility in the private sector and encourage businesses to consider how they can play their part as world citizens. 

Companies can get involved by sponsoring a UNA-UK event, making a donation to our work or helping us bring the UN to new audiences in the UK.  Please contact Anneka Patel to discuss how your company could help us make a difference.