You are here: Meet your MP

  1. Find out who your MP is by typing your postcode in at
  2. Find their profile page by clicking on their listing via
  3. Either browse their personal website and hunt for their next drop-in surgery, or phone their constituency office using the number on the profile page/personal website to ask for an appointment.
  4. During the meeting: introduce yourself, be respectful and polite, explain why the issue matters to you, and talk through UNA-UK's key asks.
  5. Ask your MP to take action on your behalf:
    (1) by her/him writing a letter to the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
    (2) by her/him speaking to the Secretary of State in person
    (3) by her/him raising your concerns as oral and written questions in parliament.
  6. Ask your MP to keep in regular contact and to give you copies of any responses they receive.
  7. Once you've had your meeting, please tell us how you got on