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The issue

The pace of technology paired with the current lack of regulation creates an urgent need for preventative action to regulate killer robots. Through its commitment to the rules-based international system and its support for the ‘ethical AI’ agenda, the UK should put this issue at the heart of its Global Britain vision and work with states at the UN to prohibit killer robots before it is too late. 

But at present the UK opposes the international movement to create a new legally-binding prohibition on killer robots.  Given the current government, media and civil society focus on Brexit, there is a real risk that the UK's problematic position on killer robots will not be called out by the electorate, allowing them to continue blocking progress to address the "third generation in warfare" after dynamite and nuclear weapons. UNA-UK calls for urgent progress at UN talks on killer robots.

Join UNA-UK on campaigning on this issue ahead of a vital meeting which takes place in late August 2018. 

Take action

Constituent pressure on your local MP is one of the most effective ways to trigger action on an issue of concern . There are many ways you can contact your MP and convey your concern about the UK's problematic position on killer robots.

  • Write to your MP: Write a personal email or letter to your MP, asking for them to make representations to the Government on your behalf
  • Meet your MP: Talking to your MP in person is a powerful way to show you care. Meeting face-to-face allows you to engage directly with them
  • Hold an event: Local events matter and are a powerful way to bring people together with a common concern and connect with your MP

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