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This is a report written by three academics from the University of Manchester, the University of Southampton, and the University of Leeds on behalf of the United Nations Association – UK.  These researchers have conducted a year-long project supported by the British Academy.

Drawing extensively from research interviews with 29 participants – UN diplomats, UK officials, and individuals from non-governmental organisations – they have developed a picture of the perceptions and reputation of the United Kingdom within the United Nations system.

Their research supports UNA-UK’s longstanding contention that the UK needs to demonstrate its added value to the United Nations system, and adopt a principled and values driven foreign policy, if it is to maintain its current levels of efficacy and impact at the United Nations and add substance to its self-described ‘Global Britain’ agenda.

Foreign policy manifesto

UNA-UK's foreign policy manifesto 'A global force for good' contains 10 recommendations for UK Government action that we believe, with full public support, represent an investment in Britain’s future and in a safer, fairer and more sustainable world.