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26 November 2019 7:00pm - 9:00pm


The Exhibit
12 Balham Station Road
London SW12 9SG
United Kingdom

Four films that demand a response to the question "Why?!"
Director: Lubna Yusuf Filmed over a span of eight years in the Indian village of Bihar, Maida explores the societal norms of dowry, child marriage and the prevalent practice of school dropouts after the onset of menstruation. The film traces the dreams of a young schoolgirl and through her stories and Bhojpuri folk songs, she breaks the myth of women empowerment, as we know it. Such incidents go unreported for lack of courage to face societal consequences. 19 minutes

“Education on a boat”
Director: KM Taj-Biul Hasan Boat schools are school bus, schoolhouse, training hub, library and medical centre. Serving villages to village in north-east Bangladesh, they are the answer to adverse climate conditions in marshlands inundated by water 8 months a year. Traveling on boat is the only means of transportation for communication. 14 minutes

“Courage - Journalism is not a crime”
Director: Tom Heinemann They are devoted to journalism but are under an immense pressure by governments, companies and criminals. They use freedom of expression to fight corruption and injustices. They reveal what those in power want’s to hide. They face torture, jail and even death, but still they keep on fighting. From three different countries - on different continents – with one thing in common: They have Courage – because Journalism is not a crime. 43 minutes

“Breaking Chains: Bonded Labour in Brick Kilns”
Director: Raju Hittalamani The film captures the situation of migrant laborers who end up as bonded laborers in the brick kilns of Punjab, India. 17 minutes

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