You are here: UNA Westminster: WE THE PEOPLES FILM FESTIVAL #5 The people WILL stand up!

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20 November 2019 7:00pm - 9:00pm


Hackney Attic
270 Mare Street
London E8 1HE
United Kingdom

Activists worldwide are bullied, drowned out, assaulted and even killed but time has shown that they are the conscience of humanity

“I Insist to Keep on Filming”
Directors: Anne Paq and Haidi Motola In the small West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, local cameraman and veteran activist, Bilal Tamimi, has for over a decade, stubbornly documented the highs and lows of his village's struggle for freedom and justice, as well as its toll on its residents and his own family. Like the rest of the village's residents, he has braved beatings, intimidation, detention, injury and even the killing of three protesters, hoping to bring change in the village in its struggle against Israeli occupation. 10 minutes

“Fighting for Freedom of Faith”
Director: Thea Elisabeth Haavet Human rights activist Sajid Christopher Paul of Human Friends Organisation is fighting for freedom of faith and belief for all in Pakistan. The stakes are high. Many have been killed because they stood against the extremists and challenged the country´s blasphemy laws. The work is dangerous but Sajid and colleagues are willing to risk their lives and sacrifice comfort to help the Christians and other persecuted minorities in Pakistan. He meets the family of Asia Bibi who must live in hiding, falsely accused of blasphemy and a madrassa leader who shares his views on the blasphemy laws. 35 minutes

“River of My Childhood”
Director: Stanisalav Schubert Environmental activist Julia Kolevatova devoted her life to saving the Izdrevaya River in Siberia. She drew attention to its ecological challenges, being littered with rubbish, and losing birch forests. When regional authorities decided to build a garbage processing plant and a solid waste landfill near the Izdrevaya River, together with local people actively opposed this, she arranged protest actions, and as a result, the construction was suspended…but what then? 26 minutes

“Norwich Youth Strike 4 Climate”
Director: Maud Webster Greta Thunberg's weekly protests in Sweden led hundreds of school-aged young people to walk out of lessons, urging governments worldwide to fulfil their pledges on the environment. 3 minutes



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