You are here: UNA Westminster: WE THE PEOPLES FILM FESTIVAL #1 The curse of drugs: from field to street

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Event Date

10 November 2019 4:15pm - 6:15pm


Rio Cinema
109 Kingsland High Street
London E8 2PB
United Kingdom

As governments set out to introduce humane drug treatment policies, lives are lost and hopes dashed
“Opium Wars”
Director: John La Raw In the Kachin State of Myanmar, more than half of the youth is addict on opium, sold with the help of a corrupted police. Citizens decide to fight with the dealers by themselves through a militia, but they will face not only drug dealers armed like an army, but also opium field owners or the government that doesn’t care about the Kachin state, since it’s a Catholic area in a Buddhist country. 52 minutes

“METHADONE: Painted into a corner”
Director Chris Norman Two individuals detail their experiences navigating the opiate landscape which led them to Methadone and their subsequent difficulties with the drug that replaced one addiction with another. 10 minutes

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David Wardrop