You are here: UNA-UK Warwick District - UN70 anniversary

UNA-UK Warwick District celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations at the Leamington Spa Baptist Church hall on Saturday 24th October. The event followed a week long exhibition at the Leamington Spa library reflecting on 70 years of UN milestones. 


The association was delighted to host Mayor of Leamington Spa, Councillor Amanda Stevens and her Consort Mr Ian Stevens, who were both presented with commerative copies of the UN Charter. Mayor Stevens also kindly agreed to make the first cut into the commemorative UN70 cake which was shared out between the association members.


The main address was delivered by Dr. Catherine Jones, University of Warwick International Relations Department who spoke on the role of Security Council and delved into the political neogitations that unfold behind the scenes in the drafting process of UNSC resolutions.

Dr. Jones dedicated the second half of the address to the role of China and Russia, and their contribiutions within the UNSC and Peacekeeping, singling out China's unqiue contribution to peacekeeping worldwide - with over 3000 troops in field operations today. 

Before concluding with a Q&A debate, Dr Jones also addressed the opaque and outdated selection process which casts a shadow over the appointment of the next UN Secretary General, to be held in Winter 2016.