You are here: UNA Harrogate: SDG 7: clean energy – the eDubs story

Event Details

Event Date

27 February 2017 6:00pm - 8:30pm


Primeast Ltd
5 Greengate
Cardale Park
Harrogate HG3 1GY
United Kingdom

At our February meeting we welcome Kit Lacey of eDubs Trips to the hot seat to share his achievements in creating an electric campervan for hire in Yorkshire.  However, Kit’s vision goes well beyond that with plans to have a fleet of such vehicles around the country as well as developing massive battery and solar power plants that will serve to charge such vehicles as well as associated local energy needs.  As ever, Kit will take the most powerful thoughts and questions from our UNA group before committing to new action.  Before attending, you may wish to find out more about eDubs at or watch a video of his amazing van at



Clive Wilson