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Insurance Fraudster?
Young mother subject to mistreatment and potential fraud from a car insurance company based in UK!
On 20 February 2019, Wise Driving (a subsidiary of IGo4 Driving) cancelled a young mother’s car insurance, while she was at work, making her unable to travel home that day and sabotaged her means of getting to work for the remainder of the week!
As a young mother to two small children, working full time it is challenging enough without having to deal with unreasonable and unfair car insurance companies, constantly withholding information and over charging.
In June 2018, she crashed her car writing it off, and then spent three months in communication with Wise Driving and IGo4, trying to reach a settlement outcome with almost no communication from them and yet faced charges and penalties for delayed decisions which were a direct result of the avoidance from Wise Driving.
After finally reaching a settlement in September 2018 and adding a new car to the policy, and being advised this would incur an additional £40 a month for the remainder of the policy, she has been being charged various monthly amounts of £90-60 each month.
Despite repeated communication attempts since September 2018, including several calls, even more missed calls, and 8 emails, her request to understand why she is being charged the amount she is, goes unanswered. After missing just one payment (due to moving house and adjusting to new billing dates) the company has without warning, cancelled her insurance! Leaving her without a means to take her children to childcare in the mornings and then get to work.
Insurance companies need reform. They need tighter guidelines to follow and higher standards of customer service delivered. How is it fair that a company that has been receiving payment on time and regularly by a committed and loyal customer ,can have their life turned upside down in one day, without notice? How can providers of service refuse to explain what they are charging you and why, and how can the billing amounts vary by up to 50% month on month?!
We do not need to be subject to poor treatment, dishonesty and outright unreasonableness from companies we rely on to keep us safe!

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