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Why it matters

The next Secretary-General could have a transformative impact on the UN

The post of UN Secretary-General is said to be the world’s most impossible job. It is also one of the most important.

From climate change to armed conflict, extremism to pandemics, many of the world’s defining problems cross borders and require global solutions. In an increasingly polarised world, only the UN can step up to meet the complex challenges.

A Secretary-General can save lives. We need the best possible person for the job: a highly-qualified and visionary leader, equipped to deal with the world's crises.

We the peoples of the United Nations...

The UN Charter was proclaimed in the name of “We the peoples of the United Nations”. As the UN’s top official, the Secretary-General embodies the high values of the Charter and represents the hopes and concerns of the world’s seven billion people. All of us are affected by her or his decisions.

WATCH: The next UN Secretary-General

Why does it matter?

Watch our campaign video to find what changes have already been made to the process, and why it matters to get the best UN leader.