UNA Youth Council

UNA Youth is led and represented by a council of student volunteers elected before the beginning of each academic year. The council has input into national youth events and campaigns.  

The current council is led by Adam Badrawi and Kevin Harris.

Adam Badrawi

As co-founder and two year Vice-President of UNA Edinburgh Youth (UNAEY), Adam helped organise a disarmament awareness campaign that included a talk by BBC & CNN commentator Dr. Rebecca Johnson (of the Acronym Institute), gave public speeches on North Korea and Iran, and led UNAEY’s fundraising effort to address the immediate disaster in the Philippines.  Adam has also organised two separate media events for UNAEY and a local homelessness charity, Fresh Start, that raised £3,500 and £2,000 respectively.  


Kevin Harris

Kevin served on the committee of UNA Edinburgh Youth where he maintained financial oversight over incoming donations.  He spent his early childhood in Geneva, and most of the rest of his life in California.  He has helped lead various public talks on political issues, and organised and executed the £2,000 donation drive for Fresh Start with Adam which reached 850,000 Twitter users.  
Statements on Youth Council involvement in the Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity are available here
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