UN Forum Speaker: HE Dr Danilo Türk

Former President of Slovenia and UN Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs

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Dr Danilo Türk served as President of the Republic of Slovenia from 2007 to 2012. Dr Türk was the first the Slovenian Permanent Representative to the United Nations and served as non-permanent member of the Security Council as well as a member of UN Human Rights Committee.

Later he was appointed UN Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs before returning to Slovenia where in 2007 he was elected as the third President of Republic of Slovenia where he served until 2012. A former professor and director of the Institute for International Law of the University of Ljubljana, Dr Türk served on the Constitutional Commission of the Slovenian National Assembly and co-wrote the human rights chapter of the 1991 Slovenian Constitution.

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HE Dr Danilo Türk, former President of Slovenia: Human rights in a temporal perspective

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